Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Dogwood District Authority Scholarship Applications

Dogwood District/Authority Scholarship Application
 (Formally Called the
 “District” Scholarship)

The Ministry of Education awards $1250 scholarships to students who have excelled in one of the following elective areas AND who will be enrolling in a post-secondary program to continue their studies in their chosen elective area. If you believe you meet the following criteria, please complete this “preliminary” application and submit it to Mrs. Da Silva in room 303. If you “preliminary” application is approved, you will be required to complete the “official” district application. All “official applications will be forwarded to the District committee for consideration and selection will ultimately be based on first come first serve basis and then by final percentage and experience in the area.

You must demonstrate excellence in one of the following elective areas:

            Fine Arts (Visual, Dance, Drama, Music)
Applied Skills (Business Ed, Computers, Home Economics, Cooking or Culinary ACE_IT)
Physical Activity (Not limited to Physical Education-i.e. provincial volley ball, sports camps etc)
Secondary Language (taken more than two languages) with IRP’s or External Assessments, including AP courses.
Technology and Trade (Mechanical Engineering, Auto Mechanics, Construction and any of the tech/trade Ace-It programs)
Community Service (Must have two or more leadership type classes, be going into a field of service and must have two or more letters demonstrating over 300 hours of community involvement)
Aboriginal Studies: Students must be of Aboriginal decent, must be taking an Aboriginal studies course and be heavily active in their Aboriginal Community.


  • You must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident and must have demonstrated superior achievement in one of the elective areas listed above.
  • You must have a minimum 2.5 GPA (C+ average) based on your best 10 grade 11 and 12, 4 credit courses AND you must have taken a concentration of courses (at least 4 at the grade 11 & 12 level) in one of the elective areas listed above. One of those 4 courses can be Work Experience 12 A provided it was done in your chosen elective areas. Other courses outside of the chosen area (both academic and non-academic) that have a direct and obvious relationship to the chosen elective area may also be counted among the FIVE. (If you are in doubt about this submit your application and we will decide)
  • You must be enrolled in post secondary program to continue studies in your chosen elective area.
  • You must demonstrate good attendance, punctuality, work habits and cooperation.
  • You must pass English 12 or Communications 12.
  • You CAN receive both a provincial scholarship (based on provincial exam results) as well as one of these scholarships-this was not the cast in past years.
Come pick up your application from me in room 303 asap as it is first come first serve. I will take 20 applicants (we usually get 13-15 a year approved)

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