Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Canadian Parents for French Burnaby Chapter Scholarship

Canadian Parents for French (CPF) Burnaby Chapter Award 2018 

Canadian Parents for French Burnaby Chapter has established a $250 award for a student currently graduating with a bilingual diploma. Up to four awards will be granted to the Burnaby District French Immersion Secondary Schools. Ecole Moscrop will be granted two awards and Ecole Cariboo and Alpha will be granted one award each. This award recognizes students who have made contributions to the enrichment of French language learning experiences for themselves and/or others in their school and/or community. The students must also plan to continue with post-secondary studies. Special consideration will be given to students continuing French language studies at a post-secondary level. The award will be given to the successful candidate upon proof of registration in a post-secondary institution.
  1. Participates as a volunteer in French Second Language events and activities within the school or
  2. Intention to pursue further post-secondary education, preferably French language training (local
    or abroad).
Who is eligible?
  1. Applicant is in Gr 12 and currently graduating from a Burnaby District French Immersion Secondary School with a bilingual diploma.
  2. Applicant plans to pursue their studies at a post-secondary institution.
This will be a letter written to the applicant’s former self as a gr 7 French Immersion student. The topic of the letter is as follows:
Pensez à quand vous étiez en septième année et aux soucis que vous avez eus par rapport à l'immersion française à l`école secondaire. Maintenant, écrivez-vous une lettre qui partage les expériences que vous avez vécues jusqu`à maintenant, qui répond aux questions que vous avez eues en septième année et fourni des conseils. 

Come and get your application package from me in room 303. Deadline is April 27, 2018

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