Tuesday, April 17, 2018

BC Tech Scholarship

Established in 2005, the industry-funded BC Tech Scholarship Program is proud to provide grants to students who have a proven passion for technology, a desire to leave a mark in the tech sector, and are pursuing a post-secondary education in a technology-related program.

2018 Grant Amounts:
● Up to 3 x $3,500 for current University and College students
 ● Up to 3 x $2,500 for Grade 12 graduates entering post-secondary Eligible Disciplines Include:
● Engineering
● Computer Science
 ● Entrepreneurship
● Biotech
● Cleantech
● IT & Applied Technology
● Business & Technology Management
● Product Management
● Digital Media
● and other technical programs.
Scholarship Criteria: Please go to http://bit.ly/BCTechScholarship2018 to find out more about the scholarship criteria for University/College students and Grade 12 graduates entering post-secondary.

Deadline to Apply: 11:59 PM Friday May 4, 2018

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

YTS Scholarship for Community Service

YTS Scholarships For Community Service

One of Youth Transforming Society’s goals is to promote community volunteerism among youth. To further this goal, we have created the YTS Scholarship for Community Service. These $1000 awards will recognize students for their dedication and commitment to selfless service in the community. We hope to continue to celebrate the achievements of young people who have created positive change. 
The application for the YTS Scholarships for Community Service 2018 is now open. Application deadline is May 4th, 2018 at 11:59 PM. We would appreciate your support in helping us spread the word about the scholarship to your graduating students. Please ask your students to review the information in this newsletter or on our websitecarefully before applying. You may also refer them to this document for more information.
The scholarships are presented by Able and Remarkable Mortgages Inc., Super Railing and Gates Ltd., and Youth Transforming Society.

Eligibility Criteria

To be considered for this award, the applicant must be:
1. A graduating, grade 12 student attending secondary school in the Lower Mainland.
2. Attending a Canadian post-secondary institution on a full time basis beginning September 2018. Proof of acceptance may be requested.
3. Actively involved in voluntary pursuits of any kind (humanitarian, environmental, etc.).
4. Minimum academic average of 70%. Proof of average may be requested.

How To Apply

1. Review the eligibility criteria, application steps, and information document.
2. Complete the application form. Click here to access the form.
3. Email us your resume detailing your volunteer experience, leadership work, and any other extracurricular activities to youthtransformingsociety@gmail.com. Title your document under your name (e.g. John Smith). Your application will be considered incomplete if you do not submit your resume by the deadline.

4. Send us a video of yourself answering the questions found below in bullet points. We ask that you email us a link to Google Drive, YouTube, or Dropbox from where we can directly download your video. Title your video under your name (e.g. John Smith). Please ensure your video is between 5-7 minutes.
– What challenges have you overcome when it comes to giving back, stepping outside of your comfort zone, and taking initiative? Please explain what steps you took to overcome these challenges.
– How do you feel when you think outside of yourself, and contribute to something bigger than you?
*PLEASE NOTE* – Send both your resume and link to your video in the same email. In the subject line of your email, please use the following format – “Your Name – YTS Scholarship.”

Thank you for helping us reach out to the students at your school about this opportunity. We look forward to reading their applications. 

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

CMWAC Bursaries Two $1000 Awards

Two $1,000 Bursaries available to Grade 12 students!

All applicants are required to write an essay of 500-800 words on one of the following topics:
a) Is There a Connection between Mental Health and Peer Pressure?    


b) What is Mental Health?

Download application form from our website: www.cmwac.ca

Just a friendly reminder,
The deadline for our Bursary is near: April 10th, 2018. 

Canadian Parents for French Burnaby Chapter Scholarship

Canadian Parents for French (CPF) Burnaby Chapter Award 2018 

Canadian Parents for French Burnaby Chapter has established a $250 award for a student currently graduating with a bilingual diploma. Up to four awards will be granted to the Burnaby District French Immersion Secondary Schools. Ecole Moscrop will be granted two awards and Ecole Cariboo and Alpha will be granted one award each. This award recognizes students who have made contributions to the enrichment of French language learning experiences for themselves and/or others in their school and/or community. The students must also plan to continue with post-secondary studies. Special consideration will be given to students continuing French language studies at a post-secondary level. The award will be given to the successful candidate upon proof of registration in a post-secondary institution.
  1. Participates as a volunteer in French Second Language events and activities within the school or
  2. Intention to pursue further post-secondary education, preferably French language training (local
    or abroad).
Who is eligible?
  1. Applicant is in Gr 12 and currently graduating from a Burnaby District French Immersion Secondary School with a bilingual diploma.
  2. Applicant plans to pursue their studies at a post-secondary institution.
This will be a letter written to the applicant’s former self as a gr 7 French Immersion student. The topic of the letter is as follows:
Pensez à quand vous étiez en septième année et aux soucis que vous avez eus par rapport à l'immersion française à l`école secondaire. Maintenant, écrivez-vous une lettre qui partage les expériences que vous avez vécues jusqu`à maintenant, qui répond aux questions que vous avez eues en septième année et fourni des conseils. 

Come and get your application package from me in room 303. Deadline is April 27, 2018

Kathriha Guruparan Scholarships

We are excited to invite you to apply for one of two $6,000 scholarships – C.S.T. Consultants Inc. Guruparan and Winsor Scholarships. These awards are granted, through competition, to Canadian students who are academically gifted, well-rounded, and pursuing their first undergraduate degree/diploma at a recognized post-secondary institution in or outside of Canada.

This program is open to all students with a view to those students whose parents/guardians do not have a post-secondary education or received their post- secondary education outside of Canada.

The Awards Selection Committee will award $6,000 to one successful female applicant for the Guruparan Scholarship and $6,000 to one successful male applicant for the Winsor Scholarship.

These awards were established by Sherry MacDonald, President and CEO of C.S.T. Consultants Inc. and are in the honour of Karthiha Guruparan and Bill Winsor.

Karthiha Guruparan
The Karthiha Guruparan Scholarship is in memory of a very special 23 year old young woman who worked at C.S.T. Consultants Inc. as a summer student for 4 years. Karthiha was a top student, and loved by many. She was studying Accounting at the University of Toronto, with the goal of achieving her CMA. She was to graduate in May 2011. She wanted to become a chartered accountant and to serve this country while making a positive impact. Karthiha always strived to be the best she could be, and filled her life with joy and meaning. The Karthiha Guruparan Scholarship will be given to a young woman who exemplifies Karthiha’s goals and values of family first, thoughtfulness, determination and inspiration. 

Come grab your application package from me in room 303.
Deadline date is May 31, 2018

Friday, March 16, 2018

Using Spring Break for Scholarship Applications

Hey Grads of 2018!

I hope you will enjoy this two week break. I wanted to send out a reminder that District Scholarships are due on the first day back from holidays. Make sure you get your letters, resumes and full applications to me by lunch on April 3.

Also use your time to come to this blog and search through and apply for any scholarships with deadlines coming up!

Enjoy your break and see you in two weeks!

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

BCIT Scholarships are now In !

If you are planning to attend BCIT in the fall, we are pleased to announce that the following Entrance Awards are available to students who are planning to attend BCIT commencing April 1, 2018 to March 31, 2019.

§  Up to 25 BCIT President’s Entrance Awards, available only to current High School students
§  Valued up to $4,000 each.
§  Deadline: August 5, 2018

§  Over 125 additional BCIT Entrance Awards
§  Valued up to $6,000 each.
§  Deadlines: August 5, 2018 and January 6, 2019

For applications, please go to  at   bcit.ca/finaid

National Union Scholarships

The National Union of Public and General Employees is offering five scholarships at $1500 each for student who plan on entering the first year of public, post secondary education full time in 2018-2019.

Terry Fox Memorial Scholarship:
Winner will be determined on the basis of a 750  to 1000 word essay on
"The importance of quality public services in enhancing the quality of life of people with disabilities.

All children/grand children with disabilities of National Union members

Deadline is July 6.   

Tommy Douglas Scholarship:
Winner will be determined on the basis of a 750  to 1000 word essay on:
How Tommy Douglas' life contributed to making Canada a more just and equitable society

Must be a child or grandchild of a National Union member

Deadline July 6, 2018

Scholarship for Indigenous Students:
Winner will be determined on the basis of a 750  to 1000 word essay on:
The importance of quality public services in enhancing the quality of life of Indigenous Canadians.

Must be an indigenous child or grandchild of a National Union member.

Deadline July 6, 2018

Scholarship for Students of Colour:
Winner will be determined on the basis of a 750  to 1000 word essay on:
The importance of quality public services in enhancing the quality of life of people of colour.

Must be a visible minority and child/grandchild of a National Union member

Deadline is July

Brian Fudge Memorial Scholarship
Brian Fudge, the son of Derek Fudge and Jill Broadbent and brother of Steve, graduated from John McRae High School in Ottawa in June of 2001 and from the Police Foundation program at Humber College in Toronto in May 2004. On January 2, 2005 Brian passed away after having just celebrated his 22 birthday.

Winner will be determined on the basis of a 750  to 1000 word essay on :
The importance of their field of study in either policing, criminal justice service or health care delivery public services to Canadians.

must be someone going into the field of policing, criminal justice service, community service  or health care service. Must be a child/grand child of a National Union Member

Deadline is July 6, 2018

Come get your applications from me in room 303 if you are interested.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Armstrong Elementary School PAC Scholarship

The Armstrong Elementary School PAC Scholarship is designed for a former alumni student who attended Armstrong Elementary for 3 or more years and is currently graduating from Ecole Cariboo Hill Secondary School.

must have attended Armstrong Elementary school for 3 or more years
must be graduating from Ecole Cariboo Hill Secondary
must be pursuing a Post secondary School education (University, College or Technical College)
must have volunteered at Armstrong Elementary
must have volunteered or contributed to Ecole Cariboo Hill
must have volunteer hours in the community
must maintain good grades and good standing with Ecole Cariboo Hill Secondary
must complete an essay that informs the Scholarship Committee about your commitment to the two schools and your future educational goals
must include 1 resume and 1 letter of reference.

Come get your application package from me in room 303
Deadline date: April 3, 2018 to Mrs. Da Silva in room 303

FCSSBC Youth Education Bursary


A career in the social services

The FCSSBC Youth Education Bursary assists young people that are or have been in care and want to pursue a career in the field of Human and Social Services. Bursaries support students with the financial costs of tuition, books, and supplies for post-secondary academic education, training, or upgrading. The bursary is available to a maximum of $2,000 per academic year (two semesters).
The bursary was established by Federation members in 2009 to encourage and support young people to develop a career in our sector. The bursary program supports young people 25 or younger who either are or have been in care and who want to pursue post-secondary education towards a career in human social services. Students are welcome to apply over multiple years as we share a long-term interest in their studies and development into social services professionals. Your donations make an impact!
Since 2009, the bursary program has awarded $143,100 in bursaries to 127 recipients to help students with the financial costs of tuition, books, and supplies for post-secondary study (as of June 2016). See below for information about contributing to the Bursary Program.

How to Apply

We are currently accepting applications for the Youth Education Bursary. You can access the 2018 Bursary Application hereThe application deadline is Friday May 4, 2018.
Please note:
  • The bursary is available to a maximum of $2,000 per academic year (two semesters).
  • Bursary award monies are given directly to the academic institution for deposit into the student’s account.
  • Bursary funds awarded must be used within 18 months (for recipients in 2018, funds must be used by the January semester of 2020).
  • You can apply for the bursary more than once.
If you have any questions about the bursary, please email us at info@fcssbc.ca.

Bursary Application


  1. You are currently in care or you are a former youth in care in the province of BC. 
  2. This includes being under a continuing custody order (CCO); temporary custody 
  3. order (TCO, Voluntary Agreement or Special Needs Agreement); or a 
  4. Youth Agreement under British Columbia’s Child, Family and Community Services Act.
  5. You are a Canadian Citizen or a Landed Immigrant.
  6. You are 25 years old or younger in the year of your application.
  7. You are currently attending or planning to enroll in a post-secondary academic 
  8. program in a recognized public post-secondary institution. If you are unsure 
  9. whether your school is a recognized Public institution, 
  10. consult the list of Public Institutions on the BC Ministry of Advanced Education website.
  11. Your education plans relate to a career in the field of Human and Social Services. 
  12. Examples include Social Work, Counselling, Child & Youth Care, Psychology, 
  13. Community, Family & Child Studies, Gerontology & Social Work, Mental Health 
  14. & Addictions, Pre-Social Work.

Trevor Linden Community Spirit Scholarship

Applications now being accepting from student leaders in the province of British Columbia who will be entering their first year of post secondary education in September 2018, who are in good academic standing and that have made exceptional contributions to:
• School and community service, leadership;
• Initiating community development;
• Affecting positive change;
• Mentoring others;
• Personal development and growth;
• Good academic performance;
Taking the time to do something for others during difficult times in one’s own life requires particularly outstanding commitment. This is why, as part of the selection process, the personal circumstances and/or challenges of each applicant will be considered. Applicants who possess personal qualities such as dedication, commitment to helping others and strength of character will also be considered.
For more information and to access the application form, PLEASE CLICK HERE
Deadline to apply: March 15, 2018

Friday, March 2, 2018

The GFNF Scholarships

Founded in the memory of Rebecca Chan, the Grace Family Network Foundation (gfnf) is a non-profit organization that aims to support and encourage under-resourced children and youth in the Greater Vancouver area.  gfnf is the embodiment of Rebecca’s heart for others and the hope that it will be carried on in some small way.

Three scholarships of $500 each are available to Greater Vancouver area students graduating in 2018 and beginning their studies at any post-secondary institution in Fall 2018.  Priority will be given to students in financial need.  Applications must be post-marked by May 31st, 2018, and winners will be notified by June 30th, 2018.

 The application is available on our website at www.gfnf.org

Ted Rogers Scholarship Funds for Indigenous Youth

Indspire is seeking exemplary Indigenous high school leaders to apply for the 2018-2019 Ted Rogers Scholarship Fund (For Indigenous Students). This is a $2500 renewable award for students entering their first year in full time studies in a two-year college diploma program or a four-year undergraduate program at a Canadian accredited college or university in fall 2018.
Applicants MUST have strong leadership and commitment in their school and home community.
If you know of an outstanding student who you believe qualifies for this award, please have him/her complete the application using https://app.smarterselect.com/programs/49469-Indspire.The application is brief and easy to complete. Students will be asked to provide their personal contact information, post-secondary information for the fall and proof of Indigenous status along with completing two short essay questions.
Selected students will be asked to complete a second application and provide one letter of reference. They will be required to submit a proof of enrollment prior to receiving an award. Submissions are due by March 5th.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Looking Glass Foundation Scholarship

Each year, the Looking Glass Foundation awards several thousand dollars to BC students who have received, or are currently receiving, treatment for an eating disorder. Tomorrow, March 1st, we will begin accepting applications for our Persevere, Rise Above, and Pursue Your Passion scholarships, to be awarded to 3 promising students!

This year, we are delighted to award the Rise Above scholarship in honour of two highly valued members of the LGF Community: Jeff and Sonia Hayes. The Hayes have been generous donors, supporters, and volunteers with Looking Glass for nearly a decade, and we look forward to awarding the Jeff and Sonia Hayes Rise Above Scholarship to a deserving recipient this year!

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Applications are open to all genders and ages, in any program area
  • Eligible scholarship recipients are Canadian students enrolled in full-time studies at an accredited BC post-secondary institution,
    are BC residents enrolled in full-time studies at an accredited Canadian post-secondary institution
  • Students should be commencing or returning to full-time studies between September 2018 and January 2019
  • The application deadline is July 6th, 2018
  • You can apply online on March 1st! Application forms, rules, and full instructions will be made available on our webpage at that time
Please contact scholarship@lookingglassbc.com with any questions or concerns

Please go to https://www.lookingglassbc.com/  to apply March 1, 2018

BCGEU Scholarships

Important: Please read this section before starting 
your application.
Applicants must be:
  • A BCGEU member; or related to a current, retired or deceased BCGEU member or 
  • staff[1], and
  • A current or prospective post-secondary or higher learning student enrolled, 
  • registered or planning to attend an eligible educational institution[2] in 2018.
In addition to personal information and details of your education plan, you will be asked to 
answer an essay question. We recommend that you prepare your answer and return to this 
online application. You can prepare your 450 to 500 word answer and then cut and paste 
it into the application. Applicants with an Individual Education Plan (IEP) may submit their 
answer to the essay question as a audio or video file to scholarship@bcgeu.ca.
The essay question is:
British Columbia has a long history of protest and activism that has shaped our
 province. What lessons, if any, can today’s trade unions learn from this history? 
How important is protest and activism to making change possible? Use a historical 
or contemporary example of social movements, protest and activism that you f
ind inspiring to consider these questions.

We encourage you to base your answer on an interview with a BCGEU member,
 personal experience or original research. 
The deadline for submitting your applications is at midnight on Sunday, April 29, 2018.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

New District Scholarship: Bring Your USB stick to me!

If you attended our two scholarship meetings last week for the District scholarships, I have great news, there are two more.


The Burnaby Association of Senior Exempt Employees (BASES) Scholarship, worth $1,000, is awarded annually to a well-rounded SD41 – Burnaby student who meets the following criteria:

The scholarship will be awarded to 2 SD41 - Burnaby student who has:
  • maintained a good academic standing;
  • been actively involved in community service and/or volunteer work beyond that required for graduation; and
  • demonstrated leadership in Burnaby through consistent and outstanding dedication to a community initiative or making their community a better place.

Scholarship will be awarded to 2 SD41 - Burnaby student who is going on to a BC post secondary or vocational training program.  The recipient will be required to provide proof of enrollment in a qualified program in order to receive the scholarship payment

Consideration is to be given to a student with financial need.

Bring your USB stick to me if you want the chance at this new scholarship. It will be due on the same day as the rest of them : April 3, 2018 to me in room 303

Big BCIT Information Evening

BCIT Big Info Night
Join us for the BCIT Big Info Night on Wednesday, February 28. Meet faculty, students, and grads who will help you learn about over 300 programs to make your career a big deal. Check out cool interactive tech demos at the Welcome Showcase. 

Free parking is available during the event.

Register today for a chance to win 1 of 3 prizes of $1,000 in tuition.
Read the contest rules and regulations [PDF] now. 

go to https://www.bcit.ca/ppl/biginfo/   to register now for this amazing event

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Charlene Reaveley Bursary

Making a difference in the lives of students

The Charlene Reaveley Children’s Charity recognizes graduating students who harbour the hope and potential for a brighter tomorrow in the face of adversity through the loss of a parent and/or sibling.
CRCCS is proud to give back by providing financial recognition to students who exemplify Charlene’s involvement in the community and/or volunteer work which encourages the youth of today to be the leaders of tomorrow. This program was inspired by Charlene’s passion for children and desire for a closer community.
All bursaries require that candidates are in good academic standing, contribute to their communities, and will be furthering their education at a post-secondary institution upon graduation. CRCCS board of directors will select the successful recipients.

To qualify for a $1000 CRCCS bursary, the student will be required to meet the criteria.  The criteria includes;
    • Grade 12 graduating student
    • Loss of a parent and/or a sibling
    • Enrolled in a certified post secondary program within the same year of graduating
    • Involved in the community/volunteer work
    • a BC Resident
    • Complete mailing address, contact information and full name of the applicant
    • Complete mailing address, contact information and the name of secondary school
    • A 300-500 word essay on how they fit the criteria, including all contact information.

Applicants need to email or mail their completed essay with all criteria included and date stamped by April 15th of their graduating year. 
Please ensure your application is complete. 
Only complete applications are eligible for bursaries. 
All criteria is required for a complete application.

Applicants can mail to:

Charlene Reaveley Children’s Charity
Counselling and Resource Centre

Attn: Jennifer Reaveley
#201 – 2571 Shaughnessy Street
Port Coquitlam, BC
Canada, V3C 3G3

or email to:



For inquires or questions, please contact:
Jennifer Reaveley – Director of Bursaries